Advertising Blimps Receive Instant Attention

Advertising Blimps Receive Instant Attention


Advertising blimps achieved instant fame it could be said, after the launch of the now world famous blimp of the Goodyear Company.

A blimp of fame forever

In the year of 1925, the world saw the first ever blimp launched by the Goodyear Company and named – ‘The Pilgrim’. This was the first blimp that was launched and it had helium in it. After this highly successful launch, the blimps of this grand tire and rubber manufacturing company, continue to rule the heights of the sky and make the company remain forever in the limelight.

These gigantic blimp balloons now cover a distance of over
100,000 miles on an annual basis, travelling all over the United States of America, as ambassadors in the sky for the Goodyear Company.

What are these advertising blimps?

Blimps are actually airships that are non-rigid in nature. Note, these are not the same as rigid zeppelins, as these have a structure that is rigid. The airbag of these huge blimps are kept in shape as a result of the gas pressure, which is almost always helium. These can be compared to giant flying billboards, on which you can air the advertising of your company and people will see it for miles long.

You can hire a huge blimp and in this way you would be able to literally show off your logo or your brand motto and let people from miles away see what you are selling.

But make sure of where you spend your money
When you are renting or even buying these blips for that matter, you have to be cautious and make sure about where you are getting these blimps from. Just make sure that you do not go to any unknown seller as this would prove to be disastrous for you.

Always make it a point to ensure that you are buying or renting a blimp from a seller who has a good reputation in the market as in this way not only will you be ensuring that your money is safe, but you will also be making sure that you are getting a blimp that is of good quality, plus one that is also durable and eye-catching too.

You need to get the best
This is because of the plain and simple fact that you need to ensure that your ad is going to have as long a life as it possibly can. Thus be very careful about the quality and the place from where you are buying or renting your advertising blimps.

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